Veteran's Building in Carteret

22-24 Washington Avenue, Carteret, NJ 07008

A big challenge was to convert a derelict, almost condemned century old building into modern luxury housing for low income Veterans served by State of the Art Green Technology.

Reconstruction/Addition for 4-Unit Veterans Apartment Building

It was named after and inaugurated by highly decorated former U.S. National Commander-in Chief of Veterans of Foreign Wars, highly publicized and praised by the Mayor and dignitaries.

This 4 Unit Apartment Building had practically all gutted Interiors and several derelict exterior portions demolished. One Apartment was made fully ADA compliant with a wheelchair lift in the back. The Apartments Interiors featured full height bay windows, hardwood floors, Open Concept Design with angled and low walls etc. so spaces flow into each other and make otherwise tight spaces look, feel and function as large spacious and aesthetic. The Exteriors were also designed aesthetically with EIFS, stepped parapets and attention to detail. It has 5 roof top Solar arrays of 5 panels each for most of the Electric needs. Another 2 sets of 2 Solar Panels each are dedicated for hot water heaters in the Basement serving the whole building. As such it creates an Efficient and Aesthetic environment.

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