Costly Mistake An Architect Can Help You Avoid

1. Hiring an architect only for the initial drawings.

A client may feel that they’re saving on architectural fees by not having the project manager supervise construction, but this has potential to end poorly for the execution of the finished home. Since the architect themselves have drawn every detail and knows exactly what should go where, they pick up on mistakes that the builder could miss. This could end up being more expensive for our client if items are missed or executed incorrectly.

2. Making extensive changes to the design.

Changes are to be expected throughout the schematic design and design development phases, but when a big change is requested further down the line, it will prompt extensive revisions to the initial plan. Documenting revisions and changes in design is a major part of why an architect is necessary to ensure no design features are incorporated that the client is not 100% happy with. We ensure that the best layouts and design decisions are made and carefully thought about.

3. Not carefully selecting your builder.

Choosing a builder based on their bid alone may seem like the most budgetary-conscious move, but you also want to consider items like specialties, location, etc. Sacrificing a more costly builder or a feature that you initially wanted may then prompt for renovations or adjustments later down the line. The architect works as a liaison between the client and the builder to keep the lines of communication clear and consistent. We take the extra step to think through revisions and oversee all aspect on construction. This way, the client is certain that they’ll truly love the finished home.

4. Not reading or reviewing architectural documentation thoroughly.

At PK Architecture, one of the main ways we maintain a collaborative dynamic is through documentation of both the home design and meeting minutes. These services are paid for by the client to ensure that communication is upheld to avoid any confusion or disagreement. We work for the client, so our responsibility is to also assist the client with payments to ensure they are not being over-charged. By reviewing all documents carefully, the client is confronted with opportunities to make changes or ask questions so they can be certain of the direction of the project. This is key to the execution of creating exactly what the client wants to avoid major revisions later down the line.

At PK Architecture we are always making a strong effort to adhere to a clients’ budget and navigate the most cost-effective way to execute their project. An experienced architect to manage your project from start-to-finish ensures that the finished product meets your standards. Your satisfaction with the time and money invested in the project will be well worth it with an experienced architect on your team. Browse our portfolio for inspiration for your next custom home design!