Advantages Of Hiring A Local Architect

Are you looking to remodel or build a new home, but you’re unsure where to start? Have you considered hiring an architect, but you’re not sure it’s totally necessary?

Can I achieve my design goals by hiring a contractor alone?

Hiring a contractor directly may seem like the “easiest” option, but who is overlooking the quality of construction and the materials used? Who is thoughtfully considering the integrity of the custom home design and overall functionality?

To expect the client to put both overseeing design and the contractor’s quality of work on their own shoulders is near impossible, especially if they are first-timers when it comes to renovating or building a home. A residential architect thinks steps ahead during each phase to ensure not only quality remains of the utmost importance but that the project timeline stays on track so our clients get exactly what they expect when they expect it.

At what point should I hire an architect?

PK Architecture is a full-service design firm, so we oversee every project from the moment its conceptualized to move-in day. Architects provide clients with detailed plans and 3D renderings before construction begins so their expectations are never compromised. From traditional shingle style to modern home design, an architect ensures that neither quality nor design concept is compromised. The sooner you get an architect on board with your project, the better your chances are of creating a custom home that is exactly what you envisioned.

Do I need to hire a local architect?

The right firm will listen to your needs and be able to make your home goals a reality, regardless of where they are in the country. Whether your project needs a commercial architect or a residential home architect, there is someone out there who will make the process as easy as can be from however far. At PK Architecture, we have satisfied the needs of clients from all over, due to our ability to define their needs and create something beautiful, functional, and 100% personalized.